Holland America Cruise Alaska

A classic cruise line for the ultimate Alaska vacation

Holland America Cruise Alaska offers classic cruises through Alaska

Perhaps the most regal cruise line in existence, Holland America Cruise Alaska is the best choice for your ultimate Alaska vacation.

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Ah, the Dam ships! (Holland America Line's ships all end in 'dam' - Amsterdam, Ryndam, Statendam, Zuiderdam, etc...) Hahaha...

Holland America Line offers you the largest quantity of tour options for a Ketchikan Alaska Cruise as their 7 cruise ships are in port almost 125 times a season!  And luckily, every ship makes a stop in Ketchikan!

Holland America Cruise Alaska is know for their classic style of cruising.  They were the first cruise line to offer Alaska cruises and have been perfecting the art of Cruising for close to two thousand years!

While Holland America Line's clientele is typically wealthy and conservative, they are working hard to encourage a younger crowd by offering features that are most requested on cruises - internet access, 'As you Wish' dining, and more.

Four Cruise Ships in Ketchikan Alaska Cruise Ships at all 4 Berths in Ketchikan Alaska

They have a whopping nine options for 7, 10 or 14 day cruises available leaving from Seattle, WA, Vancouver, BC, or Seward, AK:

Whew!  I know it's a lot to digest!  With 7 cruise ships travelling in Alaska, Holland America Cruise Alaska gives you the most options to choose from

While each Holland America Cruise Alaska Ship has a unique theme, they are all colorful and feature a substantial art collection onboard.  Be sure to take a self-guided iPod tour, available at the concierge desk. 

Children are welcome aboard and there are kids clubs available.  However, unlike the Disney Cruise Line's Kids club, Holland America Line divides the kids up by age groups.  The three age groups are 3 to 7, 8 to 12 and 13 to 17.

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Holland America Cruise Alaska eBrochure for a Ketchikan Cruise

Prices for a 7 day Holland America Cruise Alaska begin at around $700/person and go up depending on the type of room requested. 

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When you sign up for the newsletter, you are introduced to a Personal Cruise Consultant team that can assist you in finding the best tour for your family.

You can book your cruise online, call 1-877-932-4259 for Holland America's travel professionals, or your travel agent. 

Click here to view Holland America's Alaska eBrochure.

Holland American also has Cruisetours available which are a combination of cruise and land tour.  Explore Denali and Glacier Bay National Parks, Alaska’s Arctic and Canada’s Yukon Territory, remote lodges, frontier towns, gold rush attractions, and inspiring wilderness via Motorcoach & Railroad.

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