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Rene & Michael, author of the Experience Ketchikan Alaska website

Welcome to the Experience Ketchikan website!

My name is Rene and I am the author & builder of this site and my husband, Michael, is the cheering section, bouncer-off-er, listener, encourager, and occasional disagree-er. haha!

We live and work in Ketchikan Alaska during the summer and spend the rest of our time on our sailboat cruising the gold coast of Mexico.

Our sailboat is named Ahea Kali, which is hawaiian for 'Why Wait' - exactly how we feel life should be lived! We don't want to wait to explore & enjoy the amazing world we live in!

We first began our Ketchikan Alaska adventure by deciding one day to "Go somewhere we had never been and do something we have never done!" We decided on Alaska (a place we had never been), and ultimately ended up with seasonal employment in Ketchikan that has continued year after year.

Our first job was working as tour guides (something we had never done!) and we needed to be fully versed in everything! And not only about Ketchikan, but Alaska in general! Before we arrived in town I spent hours scouring the internet for information about Ketchikan but wasn't able to find the specific information I was searching for!

When we arrived in Ketchikan, AK, we devoured any information we were given, always seeking to know more. We spent hours in the library, days and days talking to locals and Natives alike, soaking up the information like sponges. And then we shared this knowledge with the clients on our tours. To say we love Ketchikan is a bit of an understatement!

We LOVE sharing our love of Ketchikan!

Which is exactly why we decided to start this website! We want to share our experiences, provide information & give our opinions on everything related to Ketchikan Alaska. We're striving for a been-there-done-that feel because what we're writing about is exactly that! Everything we write about we have personally experienced (well, except for a Cruise aboard every cruise line!)

The Experience Ketchikan website was launched in 2009, but really worked on starting in December 2010. It's a very young site and I am working hard to make the website a great resource of interesting facts about Ketchikan. I will be adding more content just as fast as my fingers will type and my schedule will allow!

You, the valued reader, can help me to achieve this goal. How? Simply use the Contact Us page to tell me what you think! Do you need a particular piece of information? Would you like more details on something? Do you agree or disagree with my recommendations? Let me know!

Or, even better, submit your own content on the site! You'll find invitations scatted throughout the site to rate restaurants, tours & excursions, attractions, submit your best fishing story, share photos of your vacation, rate your Alaska Cruise, and more. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

I've said it before but Ketchikan Alaska and the residents here are simply amazing. The area is gorgeous, filled with tons of recreation opportunities, magnificent views, incredible wildlife, indescribable experiences, and 'good' open & warm people. We have loved every minute living and working here, love the history & rich culture, have made life-long friendships, & have fond memories that continue year after year. We're often asked "How can you deal with all that rain?", but once you experience what makes this town so special, you'll understand. We're proud to call Ketchikan home!

Michael & Rene at Lower Silvis Lake in Ketchikan Alaska Michael and I on a hike to Silvis Lake - gorgeous!

Enough about us....
What valuable information do YOU have to share?

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Rene at Experience Ketchikan

FTC Disclosure: If you make a purchase via a link on this site, I may receive a small commission on the transaction - at no added cost to you. Thank you!

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