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Restaurant reviews are always so subjective - what I may love at the Ketchikan restaurants, someone else may despise. For example I hate, with a passion, mushrooms. But I know that many others absolutely love them. So it only goes to show that my ratings for the Best places to eat may not match up with yours! No Problem - why not share your experience with everyone!

Now it is your turn to tell me!

Do you disagree with any of my suggestions?

Did I miss one of your favorite restaurants in Ketchikan?

Share the good & bad! Write your own review to share with future visitors to Ketchikan Alaska.

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Which Ketchikan Restaurant is your favorite?

From savoring fish-n-chips on the cruise ship docks to five star dining, the perfect cup of coffee or, even better, the best place for an Alaskan Beer! Ketchikan has something for everyone. Which Ketchikan restaurant impressed you?

Your favorite Ketchikan restaurants

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The Point in Ketchikan
My favorite lunch spot!
 Not rated yet
My first visit to The Point was wonderful! It is also a bead and yarn shoppe, and the artwork on display and for sale is amazing . I had the …

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